Rollerblade Skate Axles 8mm One Sided Race Axle 9-pcs- RACE AXLE

by: Rollerblade

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Replacement set of Rollerblade 8mm skate axles for those skates using one sided axles that thread into the frame. Meaning there is no male piece, just the one. These axles are used on many of the higher end Rollerblades and some of the urban. 

  • Works for most recent Rollerblade skate models using an 8mm one sided axle that screws into the frame :
    • Tempest 100 and 110
    • Fusion 84, X5, X7, GM
    • Twister 80, RB80
    • Works in Roces skate models using one sided 8mm axles as well

A set of eight aluminum racing axles plus one longer brake axle. This axle fits the following skates: GTR 100, Racemachine 110, GTM 110, GTM 100, Tempest 110, Tempest 100, Fusion GM, Twister 80, Twister LE.

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