Rollerblade Hydrogen Wheels 6x110/85A - 2x100/85A (8 pack)

by: Rollerblade

Rollerblade's Hydrogen Wheels are the pinnacle of performance. When speed is your game, the 110mm wheels are the ones you want spinning underneath your feet. Now with this unique 8 pack for frames with the 6x110/2x100 set up, you can enhance your performance by using the smaller wheel in the second position to lower your center of gravity, maximizing your energy transfer with each stride as well as your stability. The Hydrogen Wheels also deliver power and response with more grip to keep you steady as well as longevity for greater use. The urethane is a great vibration reducer which means less fatigue and more performance for longer skate sessions. The core of the Rollerblade Hydrogen Wheels are designed in a way to give you more flex, power and energy with each stride. These premium wheels are a must-have for the serious skater looking for that performance.

  • Size / Hardness: 6x110mm & 2x100mm / 85A
  • Hub: Standard 608 Spoked Hub
  • Sold as 8 per pack
  • Poured in the USA
  • Unique Urethane Mix
    • Consistent Speed, Cornering, and Momentum with Less Effort
  • Hub Integrated, Scooped Core
    • Adds Flex for Better Power Transfer
    • Increased Rebound 

      We continue to sell these Hydrogen mixed sets but only the newest quality white wheels with black cores. Green cores discounted due to cracking issues. 

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