Rollerblade Bearings SG9 - 16pk

by: Rollerblade

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Rollerblade's SG9 Bearings come in a 16 pack. These are the bearings Rollerblade uses in many of their traning and/or performance level skates. They are fast, durable, and easy to keep clean and quiet. SG ratings are Rollerblade specific and said to be comparable to that of ABEC. SG stands for silicone grease. The silicone grease protects bearings from the elements and allows the wheels to spin fast while keeping them well lubed.

  • High quality materials with a precise tolerance
  • Mixture of silicon and grease lubricants to:
    • Provide durability
    • Produce less resistance
    • Repel water and contaminants
  • Package contains 16 bearings
  • Sealed Bearings to Keep Elements Out - Not Serviceable
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