Rollerblade 3WD Urban 110mm Frame

by: Rollerblade

The perfect upgrade for urban skaters. The 3WD 110 Frame converts 4 wheeled Metroblade, Twister Edge/Maxxum Edge and RB urban skates to 3x110mm wheel set up. Its cutting edge components make it faster with less vibration, more maneuverability and efficiency.

Included in the kit: a pair of 255mm extruded aluminum frames with 165mm frame mounting holes, (6) racing axles.

Note. These newer frames will work on 165mm mounting only and are not compatible with 185mm Mounts. 165 Is the standard mounting on most 4x80 skates including Metroblade/Twister Edge/Maxxum Edge, RB Urban. Powerslide Freeskate Series, Seba and FR Skate Series. 

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