Roces M12 Lo Goto Namikaze Boot Only

by: Roces

The Roces M12 Lo Goto Namikaze Bootshave both a chill and cool look with a very nice blue above, grey liners, and a flowy-looking soulplate with eco-friendly materials being used all around. The boots are made with bio-based high-grade polyurethane which is made with 47% cornstarch. The liners are also made with recycled padding and lining that feels great and truly hugs your feet. 

The lower-cut cuff is great for ankle mobility and the M12 shell already has an amazing reputation for its sleek design. The aluminum memory buckles are also very popular as you can adjust them to your liking and they stay in place time over time while getting your feet in and out. They have UFS mounting which makes them very compatible with whatever frames you'd like.

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