Roces DOGMA SPASSOV CANDY - Complete Skates

by: Roces

The Roces Dogma Spassov Candy Skates are Bobi Spassov's 3rd signature skates using the M12 Lo Boots with a new skin called "Candy". Under that skin, the boots are made with a bio-based high-grade- polyurethane using the M12 Lo mold. The boots have a narrow fit with a lower cuff for more maneuverability and control.  Inside bio-based liners are made with recycled lining and padding.

Underneath it all they have UFS frames made of thick glass-fiber-reinforced polyamide, making them super slippery. Inside those frames are ABEC-5 bearings holding an anti-rockered setup as is with central grinding wheels and Roces 60mm 92A wheels. 

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