Roces 5th Element 2-Piece Replacement Soulplates - Fifth Element Soul Plate - White

by: Roces

Replacement Roces Brand - 5th Element soulplates Replacement soul plate for Roces 5th Element skates. 2-piece also compatible with Valo skates.

Does not come with hardware. 

Available in multiple colors.

Size 1: US 6-7 (UK 4-6 Printed on Bottom)   
Size 2: US 8-9 (UK 6.5-8 Printed on Bottom)
Size 3: US 10-10.5 (UK 8.5-9.5 Printed on Bottom)
Size 4: US 11-12 (UK 10-11 Printed on Bottom)
Size 5: US 13-15 (UK 11.5-14 Printed on Bottom


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