Rev Balance Board - The Core 32 - Complete Revolution Balanceboard

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Rev's Description:
"Our advanced, most versatile balance board. Designed to allow maximum freedom any kind of trick, there are no roller stops to limit your creativity. The Core 32 features premium reinforced construction to handle just about anything. Go ahead – put your skills to the test."

Roll in Control: 

A weighted roller system keeps the board underneath you during tricks.

Built using premium materials and superior construction.

Full Freedom

The main concept behind the Core 32 balance board is to give maximum freedom and full control of how the board moves with the rider. This is why there are no stops, no tracks or anything else that could limit the movement of the board on the roller. This leaves the door open to any kind of trick you can imagine. Really.

-Made in the USA
-Rev Lifetime Warranty 
-Digital Guide

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