Razors UFS Frame Mounting Bolts Kit

by: Razors

The Razor UFS Frame Mounting Bolts Kit contains the round washer T-Nuts and screw bolts needed to attach a pair of UFS frames to any compatible skate boots. They can be used for all Razors skate models and most other brand's boot models. The T-Nuts are the round washer type that is preferred for replacement as they ensure a full secure "lock" due to the small protrusions that will "catch" onto the base of the shell when tightening the bolts into place. Supports one pair of skates.

  • Works for a large range of boot brands, not just Razors boots
    • Only works for UFS compatible boots
  • Sold as a kit
    • Supports one pair of boots
  • Parts Included:
    • 4x Washer style T-Nuts
    • 4x Screw Bolts - all same length.

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