Razors SL One Piece Soul Slider - White

by: Razors

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The 1 Piece SL Soul Slider combines the backslide plate and the front/back sliders to create a single - more ridgid - grinding platform.  Utilizing Razors Premium Plastics*, our special glass-reinforced-nylon formula, these sliders are built to slide fast and wear longer over their lifespan.  Currenlty available in Black and White, these sliders will fit all SL boots & soulframes.

Sizes 6-7, 8-8.95, 10-13

*Premium Plastic parts will be labeled with our diamond logo to help differentiate from normal materials.

The Razors One-Piece SL Sliders is an easy and simple replacement that combines the backside plate and the front/back sliders that are usually split up on the Razors SL Skates. 

They require fewer bolts than when they were split into 3 parts, making it lighter and easier. Being just one piece will also make the integrity a lot better and longer lasting. They are made of Razors Premium Plastics which is their signature glass-reinforced-nylon formula. They are compatible with all Razors SL boots and soul frames. 

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