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Qwik Pack B Hardware Kit

Introducing The Pre-Made Packs
To make it easy we now offer pre-made packs of our most popular setups. These are great kits to start with depending on what setup you want to use. 

Qwik Pack B
This pack includes: 
2 Deck Plate Sets ( New 6 Hole Pattern Plates)
1 Truck Plate Set
All Mounting Hardware

The deck pack is made to set up 2 decks and 1 set of trucks.

Spec Notes
Deck Plates Use Both New School 2.125" Bolt Pattern & Old School 2.5" Pattern

The provided 10-32 hardware is for standard 7-ply maple decks ( approx. 3/8" -7/16" thick)  If your deck is thinner or thicker you will require the appropriate length hardware to mount the deck plate correctly.  10-32 hardware is readily available from most hardware stores in the USA.

(Skateboard & Trucks not included / hardware kit only) 

Do not mount Qlik System on decks that are drilled improperly or convex in the mounting area. The deck must be flat on the truck mounting surface for Qlik System to work properly.  (Be sure to check for flatness on your deck both front to back and side to side before installation)


SURFSKATE -  Yow Meraki Require 2, 1/2" bolts.  We sell these in a pack

INSTALATION GUIDE, with video links. 

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