Powerslide Speed Skate 8mm Replacement M7 Axles (8 pk)

by: Powerslide

Powerslide inline skate axles are 8mm one-sided axles that are used on many Powerslide frames/skates such as the R2, R4, FSK, Hawk and others. Axle heads are torx (star) head and not the traditional allan, but the tool is included. This axle does NOT fit the Powerslide Vi Magnesium or Vi Carbon frames.

  • 8 Axles -One Sided 8mm
  • Torx (star) Head - Powerslide Tool Included
  • Compatible with most Powerslide Frames EXCEPT the Vi Carbon, Megacruiser, Doop and Vi Magnesium farmes.
    • Works with Vi Aluminum, Triple X3, Double X , X Frame, Alpha Mag, Alpha Alu, Beta, Pleasure Tool and others….

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