Powerslide HABS Brake Pads

by: Powerslide

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Powerslide HABS Brake Pads work with both the Small and Large HABS brake mount. HABS is Powerslide's height adjustable brake system that allows for adjustment of the brake pad to prolong life and to set the contact point to where you like. This pad is specific to HABS brake mounts only. 

If not having a HABS brake mount, this pad wil not work. 

  • Price is for One Pad
  • Mounting Screw NOT Included
  • Compatible ONLY with the HABS Brake Mounts
    • One Size Fits All
  • Does not include mounting screw
  • Part #: 940303

The brake pad is made of long lasting NR SBR material, a mix of natural and artificial rubber blends.

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