Powerslide LED wheels 6mm-8mm adapter (axle sleeve, 4 pack)

by: Powerslide

Use LED Light up wheels on any skates with older 6mm axles (hardware) with these 6mm to 8mm adapter axle sleeves (order 2 sets for 8 wheels) 

Powerslide LED wheels 6mm adapter allows use of Powerslides Fothon and other LED wheels on the skates using old-style 6mm axles. Requires one adapter sleeve per wheel.

These are NOT bearing spacers! These sleeves slide over 6mm axles, allowing them to act as 8mm axles, which are necessary when wanting to skate on Fothon Wheels with LED's that light up the trails. The 8mm bearing spacer needed for the wheels to LIGHT UP is provided with the wheels, but the sleeves are not (new Fothon Magic series includes sleeves). 

Should you not be using with Fothon wheels, you would still need to use with a floating bearing spacer that allows 8mm axles. 

  • Price is for a 4pk
  • Converts 6mm Axles to 8mm Axles
    • 8mm Axles Needed to Work with Fothon Wheels
    • Spacer Included wth Wheels Needed for LED's to Light Up

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