Powerslide Elite Casted AL 255mm 3X125mm White Trinity Frames

by: Powerslide

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The Powerslide Elite casted AL frames are the pinnacle of casted frames, super strong and yet very light. These TRINITY frames are crafted from the highest quality magnesinum, perfectly shaped and constructed with the lowest center of gravity in mind. These Elite frames with their 3-point mounting system are a quantum leap for performance. Designed around the ergonomics of the wheels to provide the best stability, improved balance, reduced vibrations and maximising the power transfer in every stride. The convenient single axel system allows for fast and simple wheel maintenance. TRINITY also offers the well known X-slot mounting system which allows you to customize your boot-frame position by shifting the frame both side to side plus forwards and backwards. TRINITY isn´t just the best performing mounting system for inline skates, its also compatible with ALL models across our range, so with a single Powerslide Trinity mounting boot you can enjoy all segments of skating at any time. Simply change the frames and you´re ready for anything - fitness, speed, urban, off road, hockey or even ice! This frame comes in a noble white color. With a length of 10,0"" / 255mm it fits max. 125mm wheels.

Manufacturing process casted and CNC machining
Material Aluminum
Standing Height Front / Rear in MM 113,5mm
Extrusion 3-D Wrap
Setup 3x125mm
Mounting standard Trinity 3-point
Axles steel single axle, 8mm, hex 4mm
Frame Wheel Base (Inch / MM) 10.0" (255mm)
Max. wheel size 125 mm
Bearing Spacer AL floating, 8mm
Spacer built and machined in
Extra Features steel, torx, 15,5mm
Weight 258g
Brake option HABS brake size L/XL, optional

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