Powell Peralta Skateboard Wheels Park Ripper 2 - 56mm - Set of 4

by: Bones

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The Park Ripper II wheels measure 56mm x 32mm with a hardness of 84B (104A) and a smooth surface. Powell-Peralta Park Formula is unsurpassed for skateparks and ramps, providing extra grip on smooth surfaces and twice the life of ordinary wheels, no matter where you ride them.

BRAND Powell Peralta
MODEL Park Ripper 2
SIZE 56mm

The feeling of a new set of wheels is second to none. Well, maybe it’s second to saving a bunch of money. Get the best wheels at the best price from TGM Skateboards. We have hundreds of wheels available, no matter what you are looking for. Traditional skate wheels, cruiser wheels, longboard wheels…we’ve got them all at the absolute best prices available!

Wheels are measured by Diameter (Width) and Durometer (Hardness). 50mm to 54mm with a hardness of 99A – 101A is the most common size wheel for street and park skaters, while 55mm to 64mm is typical for bowl and old school skaters. The larger the wheel, the longer the roll. The softer the wheel, the smoother the roll. Softer wheels are great for rough terrain and are also quieter (which is why filmers prefer large, soft wheels). Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and the type of terrain the skateboard will be ridden on. 56mm is a great all around park wheel set!

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