Oysi Inline Skating Chassis Black, Grey, Blue, White or Watermellon Oysius Frames

by: Oysi

The Oysius skate frames are the first natural rockered street frames that incorporate a built in rocker to enhance agility. 

This allows for turning and pivots while rolling while giving you the speed of a flat rockered frame. Similar to multi camber ski's or snowboards. This design gives you the best elements of flat, anti rocker and rockered in one frame. 

The frame yields an un-compromised groove, responsive control, and low profile.

Designed and Manufactured in the USA! and Sold in sets of 2. 

One Size Only. Featuring UFS mounting, this frame will fit on nearly any aggressive skate. 

Familiarize yourself with the chassis by reviewing the Technical Specifications.

Please review our Wheel Menu and utilize our Rocker Calculator in determining your wheel selection. ( Max Outer Wheel Diameter: 72mm | Max Inner Wheel Diameter: 61mm)

Fitment of 72mm through 66mm wheels on the outer axles Requires Modification of the Soul Plate to create a clear recess above the chassis mounting plane. ( Soul Plate Modification Template )

Each Pair of frames Includes:

  • 8 x Standard 8mm Axles
  • 16 x Metal Sidewall spacers
  • 4 x ISO Class 10.9 UFS Fastener (14mm length)
  • 16 x Nylon Washers for Coping Mode
  • 4 x ISO Class 10.9 UFS / Axle Fasteners for Coping Mode (10mm length)
  • 100% Recycled Packaging Made in the USA

Wheels are NOT included and are shown only for illustrative purpose.


Not sure what wheels to use? 
Here's some of our favorite combos:

68/55 or 68/54
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Ground Control 72mm 4-Pack
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