OJ Wheels 60mm OJ II Original White Combo 95a

by: OJ



OJ Wheels are steeped in skateboard history. Forever manufactured by Santa Cruz, OJ have been producing skateboard wheels since the 70s. The first wheels they ever made were the OJ Wheels Super Juice, coming in bright orange. Thus creating their name. Originally slalom wheels they produced many of the classic 80s street and vert wheels, which are now available as re-issue models like the Hosoi Rockets and OJ II Team Riders.

Today the OJ Wheels line is vast, still producing a 60mm 78a Super Juice and Hot juice softer cruising wheel alongside a host of pro signature wheels from the likes of Nora Vasconcellos, Jon Dickson, Jason Jessee, Ryan Townley and Figgy. Also their cutting edge OJ Wheels Elite EZ team and Pro wheel. This is a super hard 101a urethane formula and comes in 52mm, 53mm, 54mm, 56mm size. Being a classic street shape with slim profile it features a narrow riding surface. Whatever your need, OJ has a wheel for you.

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