Rollerblade Hydrogen Pro XX-Firm 125mm Wheels 6-Pack - HYDROGENPRO 125XX BLUE

by: Rollerblade

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Hydrogen Pro 125mm XX-Firm wheels are designed for track racing. Made in the USA with an exclusive dual-pour urethane formula, the outer ring enhances wear while the inner ring improves mechanical grip. The disc-shaped cores enable higher rebound, better flex on corners and more straight speed. XX-Firm provides the extra speed required for athletic competitions.
• ELITE PERFORMANCE - Hydrogen Pro 125mm/88A wheels in XX-Firm for added speed and excellent wear
• EXCLUSIVE DUAL POUR FORMULA - Inner ring is softer for flex, outer ring is firmer for speed
• ULTIMATE MARATHON WHEEL - 12-spoked core vibration absorption and control
• MAXIMUM GRIP AND WEAR - Proprietary urethane formula and inner T-ring design
• MADE IN THE USA - bearings and spacers not included

  • XX-Firm = 88A / F0
    Choose the XX-Firm for marathons and longer road races


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