LUMINOUS - LED INLINE WHEELS - 72mm/85A x1 Multiple Colors 4-Pack

by: Luminous

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Luminous LED Inline Skate Wheels 4pk help express the best part about inline skating, the FUN! Add some color to your ride and some "wow!" to your day with these light up LED wheels. Great for any time, day or night. 

    • Price is for a 4-Pack of Wheels
    • Size: 72 mm 
    • Type: Slalom-Freestyle / Urban
    • Hardness: 85A
    • 8mm Spacers Provided 
      • Wheels work with 6mm spacers, but wheels will not light up. Can be used with an adapter. Email us if you have questions. 
    • LED Lights have average 100+ hours light time (experience may vary)

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