Loaded Omakase Deck Only

by: Loaded

We're stoked to share with you the latest addition to the Loaded family: The Omakase!

Short, wide, stable, and nimble! You’ve seen the Omakase already on the Unlimited electric skateboards, and now (based on lots of interest) we’re fully welcoming this board into the Loaded family of skate decks.

Originally designed around the Unlimited system, the Omakase is super fun and accessible  when ridden the old fashioned way! 

Here’s the skinny on this not-so-skinny shredder:

  • Length: 33.5”

  • Width: 10”

  • Wheelbase: 20.75-22”

  • Profile: rocker

  • Weight (deck only): 4.0 lbs

  • Available in the new Palm and Roe graphics (the Canyon graphic is exclusive to the Unlimited Omakase Solo Complete)

  • Construction: laser-etched bamboo top veneer > fiberglass top skin > horizontal bamboo core laminate > vertical bamboo core laminate > horizontal bamboo core laminate > fiberglass bottom skin > rosewood (Roe) or black walnut (Palm) bottom veneer

Starting with the Omakase we’ve begun expanding to new manufacturing resources to bring you a broader array of awesome skateboard experiences while maintaining the Loaded quality commitment.

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