Landyachtz Schooner Kestrel Sine Wave Complete

by: Landyachtz

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Landyachtz Longboards – Schooner Sine Wave – Complete Cruiser

Take your skating into the third dimension with a kicktail. We design our kicktails to work perfectly with each deck shape as well as with the truck and wheel setup on each complete.

Made in Canada
Ohhh Canada Eh!

Fiberglass is a lightweight yet extremely resilient material, used to either add extra stiffness to a solid maple board, or replace some maple plys and provide a snappy flex to a thinner flexy board.

Rocker provides a more comfortable foot platform by adjusting the deck angles to a skater’s natural stance. It also adds board control and increases responsiveness under your feet.

Also known as pressed wheel wells, flares are part of the board shape. The resulting bumps in the concave on top allow for larger wheels, looser trucks, and provide better control and more precise foot placement.

Length: 32.9″
Width: 9″
Wheelbase: 18.9″
Polar Bear 130mm
Hawgs Plow Kings 78a 72mm

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