Landyachtz ATV X Classic Oil Paint Complete

by: Landyachtz

Simple shape and proven construction provide you a functional skate deck ideal for streets, bowls and parks. Just slightly larger than most traditional decks and sanded wheel wells make it ideal for larger soft wheels. The “X” indicates that this model features two layers of fiberglass, giving you improved durability and increased pop. The All-Terrain-Vehicle X Classic is a sup’d up classic popsicle shape to satisfy all your street skate needs, while still being able to handle a hill and carve like a dream.

The ATV Classic is a 32″ long popsicle shape that comes in at 8.5″ wide. The ATV-X construction uses 5 thinner-than-regular maple veneers, two separate fiberglass sheets and epoxy resin instead of wood glue. This creates a thin and poppy deck that is stronger, more durable and more resistant to moisture than standard wood skate decks.  You will notice a significant improvement in performance with better pop and stiffness. The ATV Classic uses Polar Bear 155mm traditional kingpin trucks for the ideal blend of stability and maneuverability. 60mm, 78a Lil EZ’s provide a fast and smooth ride for cruising and shredding all terrains.


Length: 32
Width: 8.5
Wheelbase: 14.375

Artist: LY Original Art

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