Kizer Slimline II Frameset - Kizer Slim line 2 Frames

by: Kizer

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The Slimline 2 features a wider groove and a redesigned shape to allow up to an 80mm anti rocker setup in the medium or large sizes, or 80mm freestyle with the small frame. Some modification of your soulplates is required.
Standard Slimline frame features include a slimmed down frame wall (thus the name) that gives you more soul space, and just also happens to have less contact surface area which means it slides better!
The Slimline 2 also features rockerable axles to accommodate flat and hi-lo setups. For a flat setup, the max wheel size is 58mm rockered down or max 60mm outer rockered up and 56mm rockered down. This is one of the lightest aggressive frames on the market. 
  • Metal frame rockers, with multiple rockering options
  • Keyed bolts means you only need one allen wrench to change your wheels
  • Average weight per frame: 10 oz.
  • Small: sizes 5--7 (length = 10 3/4 in.)
  • Medium: sizes 7--9 (length = 11 1/2 in.)
  • Large: sizes 9--15 (length = 12 in.)
  • Sturdy 8mm axles
  • Sold in pairs with frame hardware and bearing spacers
(Mounting bolts sold separately / save your existing bolts or let us know if you need Frame bolts)

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