K2 MOD 125 Frames

by: K2

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K2 MOD 125 Frames can mount to 165mm, 180mm and/or 195mm mount boots. This makes it easy to upgrade an existing pair of boots so that you can enjoy the benefits of large wheel skating. Speed, agility and the ability to get over cracks and bumps with ease.  Same frame used on the K2 Mod 125 skates. 


  • Price is for One Pair of Frames
  • Type: Speed ; Cross-Training
  • Max Wheel Size: 125mm
    • Optimal Configuration: 125x120x125
    • Can skate 3x125, but center wheel would be lower than the other two.
  • Mount: 165mm, 180mm or 195mm 2pt Mount
  • Length: 12.5"
  • Item Number: I1704034010
  • Includes:
    • One-sided 8mm Aluminum Axles
    • 8 Floating Bearing Spacers 

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