Hawgs BIGGER BIGGIE HAWGS 73MM 76A Grey - Set of 4

by: Hawgs

73mm Biggie Hawgs are meaty square-lipped wheels that are compatible with most top-mount and low-clearance longboard and downhill setups. With our high-rebound formula, in 76a grey, and 78a blue, these will grip in the most demanding situations but will break out smooth for predrifts and check slides. These are a great way to upgrade the stock wheels on your longboard setup or get a little extra grip out of your downhill board.

The 73mm version of our classic Biggie Hawgs comes in at 65mm wide and comes in 2 duros, 76a and 78a. The 76a wheels offer a little bit of extra grip and a slightly smoother ride on rough pavement while the 78a version gives you a little more top speed and super smooth drifts. The large plastic core helps keep the wheel nice and stiff for controllable drifts and good acceleration while the center-set layout makes them super predictable and allows you to flip the wheels to slow wear as you use them. The 73mm Biggie Hawgs are among the most versatile longboard wheels in our lineup, grab a set today and you’ll be ready for any situation you might find yourself in.

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