Gullwing Sidewinder II 10" Trucks - Silver

by: Gullwing

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The Sidewinder II longboard trucks from Gullwing are designed to be the best carving trucks you'll ever ride. Featuring Gullwing's revolutionary double stack geometry with premium 89a cone and barrel combo bushings.

Due to the truck's carve-specific design, it is not recommended you use them for downhill skating.

Ride Style

Carving/Cruising - Big California style carves, epic summertime adventures around the neighborhood, and everyday shenanigans are supported with trucks flexible enough to handle a bit of everything. You'll find these trucks to have a higher truck angle because this is what controls the amount of energy required to turn your board. Bigger angles equal big carves and a quick response to your movement. Stock bushings tend to be on the softer side for cruising making these trucks great for everyday use and for beginners alike. Make sure to go with the recommended truck width for your board to give you the best match and the most fun.

Hanger Style

Dual Pivot Hanger - With a dual pivot hanger, you get twice the turn so if you like to carve deep and treat the concrete like your own personal waves, then look into this style. Generally for cruising/carving, dual pivot hangers are fun and will keep you turning.

Bushing Shape

Barrel/Cone - If you like cruising and carving, but also enjoy the thrill of the hill, you need a wide range of motion. With a boardside barrel and roadside cone you'll benefit from both stability and turnability. This the most common stock setup. With so many different durometers available you can be assured, in this case; common isn't plain or ordinary.

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