Ground Control 42mm Anti-Rocker Wheels Set of 4

by: Ground Control

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The Ground Control 42mm nylon anti-rocker wheels are one of the most popular on the market because not only do they work well for grinding and sliding, they are relatively inexpensive. The GC 42mm's eliminate the need for a bearing which cuts costs even more for skaters on a tight budget. The only requirement is that your frames use 8mm axle bolts because these Ground Control wheels only come with 8mm hardware to fit that size axle. Most frames these days come with 8mm axles.

  • 42mm super fast Nylon anti-rocker
  • Colors: White, Black or Blue
  • Comes with 8mm hardware to fit frames with 8mm axles
  • (These anti-rockers do not use bearings)
  • Sold in a set of 4

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