GAWDS Michael Prado II Skates

by: Gawds

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The GAWDS Michael Prado II Skates have a hand-lasted hybrid composite boot that provides exceptional performance for intense skaters. Michael Silva Prado is certainly one of those fearless skaters who need a strong skate. 
The upper material looks like a sneaker and feels comfortable with leather details and built-in microfiber liners (not removable) hand-lasted over the shell for performance and control.  The boot construction fuses glass-fiber reinforced plastic with a matching the cuff that is both lightweight and flexible. The straps and lacing wrap your foot comfortably with a stable and secure fit. Below are wide soulplates and Kizer Fluid IV UFS Frames with an anti-rocker wheel configuration out of the box. This combo makes grinds feel amazing and locks you in with less wheel bite. The wheels are 60mm with a 90A hardness that holds great durability in Ultra Reactive Polyurethane.  The whole skate has been meticulously designed with premium materials and details that fit perfectly with Prado's style. 

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