FR FRW 80 Skates - Black/White

by: FR

The FRW 80 has been designed to match women skating desires. The V-Cut liners offer more flexibility and help to use the brake, while the X2R rockerable frame will provide more skating possibilities. The FRW is the perfect skate for women who want to begin skating and have an evolutive skate which can follow their growing skating level.

Name: FRW 80
Reference: FRSK-FRW80-BK-WH
Sizes: 34-42
Size 34: 2
Sizes 35-37: 4
Sizes 38-39: 6
Size 40: 7
Sizes 41-42: 8
With EVA shock absorption insoles
Sizes 34-3 : S
Sizes 38-4 : M
Safety buckles
Sizes 34-42: 180mm
Cuffs mounting: Screws
Straps: Power straps
Sizes 34-37: 355mm
Sizes 38-42: 425mm
Liners: Removable and V-Cut
Frames: X2R rocker-able frames Length 243mm
Wheels: Black Street Kings Wheels Size 80mm/84A
Bearings: TWINCAM

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