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More than just another pair of skate shoes. Your New FP Footwear Intercept Shoes are packed with the greatest new technology.  Take a look at this impressive list of features.

Dynamic Gait Stabilization Outsole System.

  • Designed by Aaron Jaws Homoki
  • New DGS VULC features wider toe and increased arch support
  • Seamless suede toe cap features hidden rubber lamination under toe cap
  • Extremely durable outsole
  • DGS Elite system absorbs massive shock energy while stabilizing joints

No shoe before has ever come close to the level of energy absorption in the FP DGS System. Expect an entirely new experience.

Because the DGS outsole has been hollowed out and filled with soft FluidX Protection material in the place of traditional rubbers and foams, the FP shoe has superior board feel and flexibility. It’s like a kungfu shoe that absorbs all the energy.

A deep heel cup and arch guide are built into the outsole which guides the impact and helps the ankle stay in a stable neutral position on big impacts and jumps, avoiding over pronation and helping to prevent serious injuries.

In addition to our revolutionary DGS outsole, each FP shoe comes stock with our signature Kingfoam Insoles. yes, that’s right. You’ll never have to fear a foot impact injury again.

While other shoe cushioning materials start bad and end worse, our FluidX insert will continue to absorb energy from the first day of use to the last day. Simply put, it will out live the shoe.

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