Famus Aggressive Inline Metal Core Wheels 64mm - 4 Pack

by: Famus

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The Famus Metal Core Wheels some of the only aggressive inline metal core wheels on the market. With the boom in scooter wheels made in this manner, it makes total sense for inline wheels to have a metal core. The wheels are surprisingly lightweight and come in at 88a hardness. The idea of the metal core is to retain speed and have a better energy transfer.

Having a metal core means the bearings will need to be tapped in with a rubber mallet. Please use a bit of cardboard between the bearing and the rubber mallet so that you don't damage the bearing. We'd advise using some grease on the inner of the core to help get the bearing in. We'd also advise using the flying saucer-shaped spacers so the spacer doesn't jump out of place when hammering. The bearings will also be much harder to remove (if needed) so do this with caution, or consider replacing the wheels and bearings at the same time. 

-Set of 4, if you need 8 buy 2 sets

-Round profile

*Please note the picture is of an old version of these wheels which were 88a. The new 64mm wheels are all 90a. 

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