Envy SOB V3 SCS Scooter Fork - Black Chrome

by: Envy

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SOBV3 is the "Slightly Overbuilt" Fork and is the sig fork of Jesse Ikedah. Envy's third version of this fork is even more appealing both aesthetically and from an engineering standpoint.

Made from 6061 Aircraft grade aluminum. These forks weigh in at less than 300 grams. The technology behind Envy’s forks that makes them so resilient is Cold Forging, which is preferred for soft metals such as aluminum. After Forging the forks they undergo a tempering process to increase the strength. All this is finished with the finest quality anodizing and electroplating to get the desired look for the SOB V.3 forks.

Product Details

6061-T6 Aluminium

.22kg - 7.76oz

10mm Offset

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