Envy Scooter Hand Grips V2

by: Envy

Envy Grips V2 are compatible with all SCOOTER BARS on the market except District bars. While Envy SCOOTER GRIPS will work with any bar, the bar ends are too large for the small inner diameter of the District SCOOTER BARS. When using Grips V2 with District bars, you will have to find a set of District bar ends to use with them.

Envy Grips V2 Specifications:

  • 6.3 inches long
  • no flange SCOOTER GRIPS
  • offer soft feel and the ultimate grip
  • bar ends included; grips fit all bars but bar ends WILL NOT fit District bars due to the smaller diameter of the District bars
  • Sold in pairs
  • Available dimensions: 6.3 inches long
  • Available colors: BLACK, GRAY, GREEN, PURPLE, RED, TEAL

ENVY SCOOTERS continues to crank out high quality scooter components, as well as COMPLETE SCOOTERS, at affordable pricing. Envy continues to implement new innovations into their products, such as integrated headset compression, which has been adopted by almost every other manufacturer in the scooter industry.


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