Ennui Park Set 3-pack - w/ Allround Brace

by: Ennui

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Protection kit with durable nylon shells for repeated impact.

The Knee and elbow pads feature cordura nylon hard shell and Terrycloth lining. And comes with double velcro strap on the back. Sock free design.

The wrist guards are made of a thick, sponge material designed to adapt to your hand, while the long strap wraps the wrist, providing a soft fit. Added gel inserts on the palm plus a removable plastic cap make sure the wrist is protected against impacts and sprains.
Breathable mesh, suede leather and resistant cordura nylon keeps your hands fresh and well protected.

Lightweight, comfortable, slim, and inexpensive. Protective gear reduced to the basic and essential but keeping high standards of quality: Cordura nylon, hard shell cap and Terrycloth lining. The perfect solution for entry-level skaters, kids and fitness.

Recommended for: skateboard, freeride longboard, fitness inline skating, streetboard, scooter.

Available in size: S, M, L, XL (women/kids size)

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