Endless Wheels Inline Skate Wheels - 76 mm White - 6 PACK

by: Endless Blading

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We believe the best skating experience is only realized when you have the best wheels on your skates.  These premium Endless wheels are made in the U.S.A. with a high performance urethane formula that delivers an enhanced experience balancing speed, wear, grip, and sliding performance.  This 76 mm wheel was specifically developed for our Arc 5-wheel frames, which require 6x76 mm wheels.  It offers incredible grip when on deep edges which makes it excellent for 5-wheel wizard skating and slalom skating.  The relatively large core increases overall wheel stiffness and speed.  

  • Profile: Bullet
  • Hardness: 85A
  • Color: Cloud
  • Pack Sizes: Price is for 4 wheels (4-pack), or 6 wheels (6-pack, for Arc frames)
  • Made in USA

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