Endless Slider Set (grind plates) for Endless 90 UFS Frames

by: Endless Blading

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This set of two (2) UFS Sliders is compatible with our Endless 90 UFS Frames.  For hybrid skating explorers wishing to unlock big wheel sole tricks, these Sliders bolt onto the outside of the frame.  They may also be mounted on the inside for negative tricks.  The design puts the fast and smooth sliding surface right in the sweet spot for common rail and coping sizes, and features lock enhancing geometry that minimizes hang-ups.

  • Compatible with the Endless UFS 90 Frames
  • Replacement set of two (2) removable low-friction engineering plastic sliders
  • Lock enhancing geometry
  • Includes mounting hardware:
    • 4x M3x6 stainless steel screws per slider (qty. 8 total)
    • Recommended mounting on outside of frame, but can be used on both sides
  • CNC-machined
  • Weight = 50 grams per Sider 

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