Endless FR1 Intuition Skate - Endless Swan (Bronze)

by: FR

Endless is excited to offer a limited run of custom FR1 Intuition complete skates featuring the Endless Swan Frame, centered Frame Locks, and Endless wheels.  We assemble our favorite parts on our favorite freeskate to create these versatile build-to-order setups.

  • Boot: FR Skates FR1 Intuition (2023 model), black
  • Liner: FR Intution, black (newest version)
  • Frame: Endless Swan Frame, Bronze
  • Centered Frame Locks
  • Wheels: Endless 2x90 + 2x84 mm
    • Colors: Black, White
    • Profile: Bullet
    • Hardness: 85A
    • Bearings: Twincam ILQ-9 Classic plus
    • Spacers: Sonic Floating Spacer
  • Recommended for boot sizes 37-44.5

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