Create Originals USA Made OG Naked Frames

by: Create Originals

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The Create Original UFS OG frames are back! This time made in the USA and Montre approved. This is a set of USA Made OG Naked Frames. Includes 2 frames, axles and frame spacers.

Create's description: 
The frame mold is manufactured with an extremely fast yet durable material to give you endless grinding potential. The frame features less surface area as the graphic shield is recessed away from the grinding contact area to cut down on friction while grinding, with a new embossed create originals logo in the mold.The center groove is perfectly sized and has an excellent shape for all of your grinding needs and the bottom of the frame is slightly angled to improve cess slides and prevent you from catching and sticking on grinds. 

Technical Specs:

  • Fits up to 59 mm wheels on outside
  • Fits up to 57 mm wheels on inside
  • Average weight: 8 oz. (with out hardware)
    Recommended Frame Sizes. 
  • Small = Sizes 5-9 (length = 10 5/8 in.)
  • Large = Sizes 9-13 (length = 11 1/2 in.)
  • Average weight: 9 oz.

Sold in pairs

Note this is a set of the new UFS USA Made Create Original OG Frames with hardware, axles and spacers. If you need replacement shields you can buy them here.

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