Bones Super Reds Ceramic Bearings 608 - 16 Pack (2 - 8- packs)

by: Bones

The Bones Super Reds Ceramic Skate Bearings have a similar construction as the standard Super Reds, except these utilize Grade-5, silicone nitride ceramic balls. This material is lighter, stronger and much more durable than chrome steel. So much so, the ceramic balls actually re-polish the steel races if any dirt gets inside, essentially "self-healing" to continue providing premium speed and roll. 

Since the Super Reds Ceramic balls are much lighter than steel balls, they create less friction which improves acceleration and roll. Lastly, ceramic doesn't rust either! 

  • Includes: 16 - Bones Super Reds Ceramic Bearings
  • Size: Standard 608
  • Serviceable: Yes
  • Lubrication: Speed Cream 

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