Bones Skate Bearing Spacers .410 (standard) - Set of 4

by: Bones

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Bones Wheels .410 Single Bearing Spacer - Set of 4 Bearing Spacers

Meet your skate bearing's best friend, the bearing spacer. Bearing Spacers make sure that your bearings are spaced apart evenly and straight. Using bearing spacers in your wheels allows your bearings to roll as smooth as possible, while also reducing the amount of pressure on your bearings. This Bones Bearing spacer will fit most applications that use standard 8mm bearings. 

Please Note: Four Bearing Spacers are needed to complete a set of 4 wheels. If you have 8 Wheels - order 2 sets. 

Pack of 4 aluminum bearing spacers



UPC 845584038601
Brand Bones Bearings

Jessie W:
"I picked up a used board with Bones SPF wheels and, to my pleasant surprise, Bones Super Six bearings. However, whoever owned it before did not use bearing spacers, so I picked up a set here. Perfect fit and now I can tighten my truck bolts down a little more snuggly and get a more effective roll.

Many people forgo spacers as an unnecessary item (like truck washers)...I used to myself. But all of these components are designed to work in harmony with your bearings to help them spin efficiently while minimizing drag caused by the inner race rolling around the axle instead of staying stationary so the bearing can spin. Truck washers lock against the outer edge of the inner race. Bearing spacers connect the two inner races to one another. And the inner truck washer also locks into the edge of the inner race. This locks all pieces together with the inner race to ensure that when you roll, you are spinning your bearings around the inner race, not spinning your inner race around your axle. To me, it's folly to buy ultra-high-quality bearings like Bones Swiss and then not use spacers. Use them! They allow you to snug up your assembly for less board rattle and, I believe, help reduce the likelihood of ripping out the inner core of your wheels if you slide a lot. The only set of wheels I ever ripped the inner core out of did not have spacers. Never again!"

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