Becker Grip Soles - Braking Soles Set Longboard, Streetluge, Buttboard - 4 millimeter

by: Becker Grip Soles

Sold as a pair. Super sleek design, no frills, no tread pattern.
Just top-quality rubber with maximum contact area to your grip tape.
European premium manufacturer, best formula, high rubber content, low fillers.
That means maximum grip, minimal wear, and a sensitive feel to your board.
No packaging, no waste, just straightforward simplicity.
Stamped, ready to go!
4 millimeters, for skating, downhill, and wherever you shred your shoes.
Ready for some quick assembly hacks? Check out these tips:
- Get yourself a reliable super glue.
- Rough it up thoroughly.
-Apply firm pressure for 5 minutes.
-How cool is that? Your cutter blade is brand new!
-While cutting clean, gently pull the excess material outward.
11,5 x 33 cm x 0,4 cm

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