AO Sachem2 Street Deck

by: AO

Sachem2 Street Deck - 5.35" Wide / 3mm Thinner

Available in 20.5", 22", and 23" lengths

The S2 is 5.35” wide which provides for more control over your deck and a more comfortable ride. Near indestructible aluminum drop outs allow for more precise 5-0 grinds and hold the back axle snuggly in place. The deck is 3mm thinner which is a major improvement in the way you feel your deck. The thoroughly reinforced headtube  comes with a 84 degree headtube angle which lets you lock and sit inside of noseblunts and crooks/overcrooks. Despite is large size of 23” the deck is surprisingly light but exceptionally strong and has been tested by some of our heaviest hitting riders for over 6 months without damage or even bending. It’s also very evenly weighted and you feel like you’re sitting right in the middle of the deck.


  • NEW reinforced headtube
  • NEW 84 headtube angle
  • NEW 5.35” width (136 mm)
  • NEW 3 mm thinner for better deck feel
  • Aluminum drop outs
  • Perfectly balanced
  • V2 Double fender
  • Square Tail
  • 28 mm wheel compatible
  • Lightweight, only 4.07 lbs., 1.85 kg (23” deck)
  • The 23” deck also comes as heavy duty (HD) version with a solid base.

The 23” deck also comes as heavy duty (HD) version without cutout at the bottom for those riders that bend every deck.

Available in Flat Black, Midnight Blue, Burntpipe, and Gloss Black HD versions

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