Tune-Ups & Repairs

Our in-shop service technicians have years of experience in the repair and maintenance of action sports gear. Save the time and hassle by letting us restore your damaged or worn gear. Below is a small list of repair and tune-up services that we provide at our shop. If you need any additional services email us or give us a call at 617-501-6389 




Bearing Cleaning

Clean + re-lubricate old bearings


Wheel Rotation

Get more life out of your wheels


Boot Fitting

Professional skate or snow boot fitting and setup.


Snowboard/Ski Premium Pro-Tune

Base clean, edge sharpening, p-tex minor gouges, hot wax, scraping, buffing and brush


Snowboard/Ski Hot Wax

Ride smoother with fresh wax. Hot wax, scraping + buffing, brush


Snowboard/Ski Base Repair

Repair core shots + dings

$15/ inch

Scooter Dialing

Eliminate headset wobble + rattle