Orangatang Caguama Longboard Wheels 85mm

by: Orangatang

Who said size doesn't matter? 

On the heels of the impending release of the Basalt Tesseract, we're stoked to share with you our newest wheel, the Caguama!!

These wheels are designed for speed, grip, and an ultra-smooth ride! 

Additionally, it's actually designed for the rigors of e-boarding (It's the same core as the Kegel so it'll fit many of the belt drive e-board systems out there).
  • 85mm Tall 
  • 58.5mm Wide 
  • 56mm Contact Patch
  • Available in 80a (Orange) and 83a (Purple)
  • Our proprietary Happy Urethane formula 
  • Fancy shmancy 3 dimensional graphic to break even more hearts.  We believe it probably provides slightly better strength to weight--but then again we're probably HAF.   
  • Fits on many of the Loaded.  See below.



  • Icarus:  Recommended with nipple bushings and cupped washers
  • Dervish Sama: Recommended with double barrel bushings (standard Nipple setup)
  • Vanguard: Works with stock bushings
  • Fattail: Works with stock bushings (and 150mm trucks)
  • Tesseracts (Basalt, Cantellated, Truncated) and Blood Slayer:  Generally not encouraged, but will work with a few risers for specific riding styles
  • Overland, Poke, Kanthaka:  Works with multiple risers.  We particularly recommend the Carver CX4s with 3/8" risers
  • Tarab and Bhangra:  Not recommended as those are more freestyle/dance oriented.  But then again, who are we to say?
  • Algernon: Dafuck? (Note that Loaded kinda started by Don, the owner, riding around NY on a snowboard with trucks mounted to it! So if you want to give it try.. why not!!)


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