USD Team 20th Anniversary Wheels 55-68mm - 4pk

by: USD

USD 20th Anniversary Team Wheels use great quality urethane, that lasts and performs well. No colors were used this time around, and that was intentional as the purity helps to make better quality, longer lasting urethane. Comes in 5 different sizes so there something for skater. 

55-61mm: Flat profile for stability and strength to handle jumps and grinds.
64-68mm: Round profile with spoked core for additonal speed.

  • Price is for a 4pk of Wheels
  • Size: 55mm, 58mm, 61mm, 64mm and 68mm (Size Shown if Avaiable)
  • Type: Aggressive ; Powerblade
  • Core: 
    • Solid Domed Hexagon Core (55-61mm)
    • Tribal Spoked Core (64-68mm)
  • Profile: 
    • Flat Profile (55-61mm)
    • Round Profile (64-68mm)
  • Hardness: 90A

700480 - 55mm
700481 - 58mm
700482 - 61mm
700483 - 64mm
700484 - 68mm

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