Valo TV.3 Black Skates Boot Only Size 6-7 Sale

by: Valo

Valo brings us there newest team model - the TV.3. This proven model looks great with the stylish all black colorway, and the awesome 2 piece soul system that will help you skate like all the steezy riders on the Valo team.


  • Type: Aggressive Street Skates
  • Replaceable Valo Black Skin
  • Re-Designed Lower Cut Cuff than Previous TV Boot Liners
  • Low Cut Valo Team Liners Increased Ankle Padding
  • Neoprene Toe Closures
  • Valo Memory Cuff Buckles Laces
  • Grind Areas
  • Two-Piece Soulplates with Pre-Grooved Backslide Area

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