USD Shadow Eugen Enin III Pro Skates - Boot Only

by: USD

USD Shadow Eugen Enin III Pro Skates have arrived! Skate and then walk right out of them with MyFit Eclipse Liners with walkable outsoles that are as comfortable as sneakers. Inspired by the Xsjado skates, Eugen made additional updates to this version.

"Using Shadows is actually like coming full circle for my skating since Xsjado was such a huge part of my Childhood. They were the first skates I started to skate Street in, I did my first handrail in them, and I learned all the tech-dance switch-ups that I'm now known for - it all started with Xsjado skates. And now all these years later I can use them from a totally different perspective and do moves I would have never imagined back then. It feels nostalgic and refreshing at the same time to be back on my USD Shadows. l.  I chose a more iconic and traditional Xsjado-inspired colorway with some dark greenish and orange details."
- Text by Eugen Enin

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