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The Aeon as a skate is completely innovative, groundbreaking and offers a high performance whilst still being affordable. It shatters the rules and drop the universal frame system (UFS) out of the equation. By taking away the ability to remove the frame and creating a solid one piece boot / frame it allowed USD to minimize the amount of hardwear (bolts etc) used and lower the overal center of gravity giving you a lower ride with better control and more in tune to your feet. It also makes them feel solid, no clicky sounds here. With USD and Kizer both being owned by The Conference it made sense for them to use some of the tech from Kizers "Powerblading division" after all they did pretty much invent and push forward "big wheel" blading with the support of their riders. The A80 frame is a mix of freeskating, aggressive skating and powerblading. It's the jack of all trades. It's happy cruising the seafront, it's bomb proof if you wanna boost of speed downhill and it can even throw some grinds in the mix with the mega soul kit plus recessed frame groove ensuring you big wheels are out way.  

The skates come well spec'd out the box with heat mouldable MYfit Skinny Boy custom liners which fit like a glove and eleminate any pressure points. You get a full flat set-up of eight 80mm / 88A wheels loaded with WCD ABEC 7 bearings. 

-Please note the new USD Aeon 80 Skate comes with the all the new Dual Fit liners by Myfit. The liner features a new stretchy neoprene toe that allows two sizes to fit. 


UK 5-6 / EUR 39-40 / US 6-7 
UK 6,5-7/ EUR 41-42 / US 7,5-8 
UK 8-9 / EUR 43-44 / US 9-10 
UK 10-11 / EUR 45-46 / US11-12 

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