USD Aeon 72 Richie Aggressive Inline Skates - BFCM Sale

by: USD

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The Richie Eisler Pro Aeon is a pair of very low aggressive inline skates – very lightweight. The flat setup enables perfect control, giving all the benefits of a low center of gravity. Unibody construction, one-piece shell, soul-plate, and frame. The skates come with the heat-moldable, and size adjustable (over two EU sizes) MyFit Dualfit liner for a close fitting with very little volume and no pressure points. The size adjustment makes it ever so easy to create a fit that is unique to your feet.

With the combination of lime green, light blue and purple on a black background, you get a pair of aggressive inline skates that not only offers you a fresh 90's approved look but also takes those who grew up in this decade a trip down memory lane.

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